June 9 Theoretical elements were elaborated as a frame Sidst udgivet den 09-06-2017

Prescribe, or predict. Are developed as a final result or synthesis of other statements for the purpose of investigation. Statements are provisional propositions about reality and its nature. They describe relationships between events, situations, adult pictures or actions. Proposals could be developed to describe the images properties of concepts; are sex called propositions of existence to these descriptive propositions. They are propositions that isolate some factor, and the end result is therefore descriptive theory, as essential to adult science as any other theory. Propositions can also be related, describing sex pics the association between concepts or causal relations between concepts reynolds. 

Process of propositions that are developed is also a process of identifying the central questions related to the concept. The propositions provide the central answers that help explain, describe, or adult sex pics predict the xxx reality of the profession. adult picz The statements of relationship are more refined, developed, and advanced, are able to describe and predict the nature of the relationship. The organization of propositions is one of the processes in the logical and can be achieved by different channels. Proposals can be arranged, represent the process of discovery of concept and process of formation sex pics of a proposition. 

In this case, a chronological organization is reached. A second around the central concepts in the theory. A third method is organize propositions in terms of importance for evidence, with those whose test represents the central questions of the theory. Other paths are organized around independent variables or around variables dependents. The ordering of propositions improves their usefulness and aestheticism zetterberg, explanation of assumptions during each stage of the process, observation pauses, reflection, xxx and ask both implicit and explicit assumptions. The observer starts from a point of view and the observation will be more open. Thus, the reflection and on the analysis of opinions, of belief, and the theoretical support will help.